"And at the bottom of the division" Edelweiss "and" Dead Head "". Where do these lines come from?

Finally, before another long car trip I was presented with a selection of discs from the series “Songs of Bards”. I looked at them, seemingly what was needed, and without touching the car, opened one of the cases to the touch, took out a disk and inserted it into the player. Two actions took place at the same time: the car started moving and a voice familiar to the pain literally poured out from the speakers: - Parachutes rushed and took the weight The earth swung barely And below - the Edelweiss divisions And the “Dead Head” And I immediately remembered the big room , called the owners of the "hall", in an old strange house near Taganskaya Square in Moscow.

Father's dozen. How did I celebrate my birthday in the third grade?

I was there well, in the village, like a fairy-tale granddaughter of the Snow Maiden. Grandmother cared for me, called me a daughter, baked me delicious pancakes in the morning. With my grandfather, we went to the storehouse (places with good grass for mowing along the banks of the river) in order to take out the hay through the snow. And in the cold he met me in the dark from school after the second shift.

Brick to brick. What happens? Winter thoughts about summer comfort

One turtle lived there, but decided to bury itself in the mud for the winter and went missing. In this case, by the way, gnawed on polyethylene, which covered the bottom of the pond. The water left him, I had to fill the pond again. There is also a picturesque summerhouse with chairs, a long bench and a table in the courtyard. Part of the roof and walls - a hedge of grape leaves.

What to talk about with a small child? Useful conversation topics

Newborn babies and babies up to the year also urgently need to communicate with their parents. And let while your conversations are more like a monologue, know: you are heard and understood. But when a child is 1–3 years old, you have a real interlocutor. And it does not matter if the kid speaks 5–10 words or is already expressing himself in short sentences.

How to become and remain a successful person?

A good businessman is a successful man. Therefore, let's start a conversation with the laws of business. It was never possible to make science out of business! Because there is one problem. It is called "Infinite number of strategies." To make an accurate decision, you must have complete information. But this in business is usually impossible to achieve.

What are the dangerous curses?

According to Ozhegov's explanatory dictionary, a curse is an expression of extreme indignation, irritation, and annoyance. As you know, any emotion can affect human health. Irritation, annoyance make the human body open to infections, contribute to the appearance of nodular thickenings. The curse that is the result of restraining one’s emotions causes more harm to the person from whose mouth it comes.